Molly Teitelbaum

Molly Teitelbaum is a Canadian filmmaker and artist. She holds an MFA from Parsons (2015) and a BA in Art History and Political Science from McGill University (2013). In the summer of 2015, she was a participant at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

Teitelbaum's work explores being female in the 21st century, shedding light on the concerns, preoccupations, and desires of a woman in this moment. She has a somewhat prurient interest in the lives of others, and her work retains a strong voyeuristic component. The silent video piece on the home page of her website is suggestive of this tendency to watch and observe, where the heads of men become strange and planetary in their isolated grouping. She brings to the fore what is taboo and off limits by drawing viewers' attention to that which we're not supposed to look at, such as a paucity of hair on a man's head, or a plethora of hair on a woman's upper lip.

There is an everyday, quotidian feel to the images Teitelbaum selects. Her videos bring into focus often overlooked visual experiences, providing new ways of looking at the ostensibly familiar. Visual rhyming, or associative poetry, are connective threads woven throughout her pieces, where a flock of pigeons represents an open relationship, and a brussel sprout evokes the back of a child's head.

She lives and works in New York City.


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